Monday, November 20, 2023

Congratulating Cricket

The game is so called gentleman’s
Battle in the middle of green is the beauty
Decreed that cricket would be played in a gentlemanly manner
Tourney is to attain the title World Championship
Of course competition is fiery
No matter what, game shall be the game with its scent and beauty

Let me congratulate Team Australia
For winning World Cricket Championship 2023
For classy display of the final game
That defeating shameless wrong doings throughout the tourney,
shocking blind, deaf and toothless game’s governing body
and its mockery in front of money vested bully

The winning may
restore and save the beauty in cricket
send many devils out
mark the end of International Cricketing Crooks
bring back gentlemen to
govern the International Cricket


  1. First of all , congratulations to Team Australia on winning the World Cricket Championship 2023 with a display of skill and sportsmanship. Yes, as you have correctly pointed out this victory symbolizes a triumph over shameless wrongdoings and challenges throughout the tournament, addressing issues within the game's governance. The poetic expression emphasizes defeating blind, deaf, and toothless oversight and standing against money-driven influences. This win offers hope for restoring the beauty of cricket, expelling negative influences, and heralding the end of International Cricketing Crooks. Team Australia's success is not just a championship win but potentially a catalyst for positive change in the governance and spirit of the game, bringing back the essence of cricket as a gentleman's sport. - Mayya -

    1. Yes of course, cricket loving mass wish the same - Bring back beauty of the game Cricket. I think first time majority of Asians too wished and wanted to see the Cup go far from Asia, because of the plain and extent of corrupt act. Thank you very much for your comment.