Friday, December 27, 2019

Web Mistress

Angles, distances and lengths
Climb down and towards the centre
Connecting the lines in a centric manner
Hard work during dark witness by sparkling stars
At the end white silky web
That’s a skill…

Walk around to make sure
job well done
Oh no, a tear drop trapped in
Turning here and there
To the rhythm of air
Made me sad…

A tiny droplet kissed my head
That may be in a hurry
Giving the way to aurora beams
And shifting darker clouds
Made me cool…

Soft golden beams blessing the site
Black spots on a red shell shine abright
Lovely little ladybird crawling towards the web
Would be maiden trap
Made me happy…

The scraping noise
forced me to look down
Old landlady climbing a chair
Aiming a ceiling broom
Made me weep…