Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Young Son


It’s the same
dining table and chairs
where two of you were
in a competition
who would sit next to
mum or dad,
today those are empty and idle.

Wider shoulders, tall young
you, our little boy
following the big brother
to dive in the ocean
of knowledge
pick the pearl best.

My dear son
life is a journey
not a destination
compel to move
one point to another
forward and wise.

We know that very well
but, every meal we serve our self
your mum’s eyes are heavy
hope you are fine there.
Remember the goal and beyond,
wish you all success,
we have a dream,
dream to success!


An attempt to get into shoes of our very close family friends at time their young son flown away to attend his overseas college. They, dear, caring brother, sister and two young boys are very special to us, I have no words to describe their bond for years whatever season of our lives.  

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