Monday, June 1, 2020


Life is a journey
Passing many miles
holding good old memories.
Hard and tough roads
Having many turns,
ups and downs.
Whatever it is
True smile take all away.
The shortest mile
of life’s journey is a smile.
That could hold the impression
life long…

What draws a smile,
Deep under ocean of mind
softy wave of smile is born,
don’t know where exact.
Nerve fires, smile muscle
tiny little muscle
attached to mouth
to cheekbone is activated,
Corners of mouth are pulled-up
and looks happy.
If it’s a true smile,
signifies real enjoyment by its wearer,
branch of the facial nerve
carry the secret…
Activates little muscles around the eyes,
wrinkling around the beautiful eyes
that uplift the smile,
charming smile…
Otherwise it’s just a smile.
That the science of smile, anyway
Smile, smile and smile…


  1. Lovely Smile . Amazing SmSmile .Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.

    1. That a most worthy birth gift one gets, when given never getting lesser and make receiver happy, may be that makes life's most important impression in ones heart.