Monday, July 5, 2010

Eclipsed Moon

Waxing Moon brought little hopes
Shining Moon shown some sense
Shadowing Moon eclipsed by power
Spreading Earth lamed light
Waning Moon begging the power for
Raising again from the west

Mr. UN Secretary General Moon
While you’re pointing finger to Sri Lanka
Didn’t you notice three of your fingers pointing onto you
Asking thousands of questions, isn’t it
Oh no! your own thumb on them
My be covering that from your sight

Do you want;
Darkening a Tiny-Star raise herself by defeating brutal terrorism
While plant like Powerful-Stars hiding humanity under desert sand in bulk
Or punish her for lost opportunities of big weapon smugglers

Mr. Moon, open your heart
Serve every UN member with same spoon
Millions would stand with you
Or otherwise, moon keep go on lunar-cycle


  1. Great...!

    I have no word...


  2. This is give more information on your idea and your objective of writing this poem. It is simply great..!!

  3. @Sula & Chejana:
    Thanks a lot for your comments