Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blooming Dates Palm

Mercury climbs up
Marking end of pleasant weather
Blooming dates palm
Smiles happily a fresh

Flower turns tiny green
Grow into yellow, red, pink plum
Fill with drops of honey
Get burn to become golden fleshy palm
Needs peak warm sunny
Awaits a long summer


  1. why r u writing?
    no comments, no body read this

  2. I enjoy writing, which I share here. Often someone enjoy reading them. Sometimes they leave a word or two, of course that encourage me.

    Though comments are few views count do tell me that my writing is viewed.

    I continue writing.

    Anonymous: Thanks for your comments anyway, I value it.

  3. I wondered who is this.Just found out its u Deen. Why dont u write these in Gal-mal blog. This way we miss these nice writings. Language dosnt matter .

  4. @Bindi:

    Thank you very much for your note, lets try. Only reason I maintained separately is due to SBU rules. Later continued as it is.